Five Fun Things To Do With Your Family This Christmas

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Christmas is probably the only time most families come together. This makes it the perfect time for any family to celebrate and have fun. Are you out of ideas about things to do with your family this Christmas? Search no more, here are the five things to do to install a smile on everyone’s’ face this holiday.

  1. Check out Christmas light in your city. Get out there as a family walk around the streets of your city and observe the beautiful lights. Almost every corner of the street will be a site with Christmas light. Carry a camera with you. Take photos at every corner. Wear those funny faces in such photos. Also, be sure to be in Christmas attire.
  2. Make a special family recipe together. Going out for a dinner may look fashionable until you try to prepare a family recipe and enjoy the meal as a family. Cook everyone’s’ delicacy. It is advisable to prepare the meal as a team. Be free with the kids and let them enjoy their favourite meal and drinks.
  3. Check out a Christmas movie together. During the evening, after everyone is satisfied, deem the lights and let the family assemble for a Christmas movie. Get the top-ranked movies from a movie shop a day before. The air created by such movies will be amazing for a family member and very good for bonding.
  4. Play a family game. Oh yeah! There is no better way to make a family laugh than participating in a family game. Choose a game that almost every member can learn easily. Don’t introduce the very common types of games. Get a new one from YouTube or Google. Make it a time for all member to team build and bond.
  5. Just speak. Have a moment for all the family members to speak about their lives and tell their stories. let every member tell the others how the year has been. Give everyone enough time to give his own story. Let children have their time to tell the parent what school has been like. Make it free and open. Make fun of everyone story. Don’t spend too much time speaking, it might be boring.

In conclusion, fancy holidays are not spent on the beach or somewhere far from home. The best holidays are those spent with a family member doing very small things but very meaningful. It is Christmas, let your family bond and enjoy!

By Alimasi Kajunju

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