6 Signs He is The One

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Have you wondered what are the signs that I am with the one? I know I have and sometimes, I feel like if you find yourself asking this question a lot you might want to sit back and figure out why that is. All the times that I’ve been in a relationship where I kept asking myself “is he the one for me or how do I know he is the one for me” that because my womanly intuition was telling me “Run Baby…Run”, but I was too stubborn lol.

In the era of “fuckboys” it important to know what to watch out for before you get caught up. Below are 6 signs that let me know he is the one.

1. He Loves you for you

I think this is the most important quality that you can find in your significant other. A person that truly loves you for you and does not consistently try to change who you are as a person. The only way to know if you are with someone that loves you for you; you must first know who you are as a person, but that is a topic for another time.  Make sure he does not make you feel insecure and doesn’t compare you to other people.

I remember when my friend told me about a guy that she was talking to and the topic of hair came up. He made it known to her he does not like how she looks with braids and would prefer she does not wear braids. He thought she was most beautiful in straight hair. That is a clear sign of being with someone that does not love you for you because I promise you when you find the one the style of your hair won’t mean a thing to him. In this situation there was a clear difference between preference and belittling someone.

2. He the first person you go to with information & he listens

He listens and looks forward to hearing about your day. When you have things taking place in your life you should feel comfortable telling him because you know there will be no judgment and he will listen and help you through it. He is not dismissive when you try to speak or seems to be busy when you have something to talk about, and doesn’t spend hours scrolling through Instagram, watching tv, etc. He keeps what you are telling him to himself!

If you have something happening in your life, he is the first person you want to tell.

3. He is attracted to you and he makes it known!

It’s important to be with a man that finds you attractive (hot!) and he makes it known. His head does not turn when other women are around because he knows that he has the best. He thinks you are beautiful with no makeup on, messy hair and in sweat pants. Also, appreciates you when you get ready and he looks at you in awe. It is equally important that you find him attractive as well.  It should be a mutual feeling of attraction.

P.S he does not only find you attractive physically but on other levels as well for example intellectually, emotionally and the list goes on.

4. He Share the same values as you

Your values aligned, and you both are aware of it. I think it is interesting when I hear girls say I want him to have the same values as me and my response to them is what values are those and they go blank… I am not sure how you can look for something you yourself are not aware of. Spend time learning about your values because when you know your values and feel strongly about it; it will be hard to be with someone that does not have those same values. I truly believe life is easier when you are with someone that has the same values as you and will not compromise that value for anything.

5. He sees you in his future/ His future includes you

When he talks about his future, he makes sure to consider you in those plans. Also, when you think about your future you see him in that future. I remember when I started to talk about the future and my hubby was part of the plan and when I heard him talk about his it was clear I was the one. I think you are with your soul mate when you both could not imagine anyone else as your significant other but each other. The future is each other.

6. He Makes you happy and you are genuinely happy to be with him

I emphasized the word genuine because it must be TRUE happiness. I am not talking about the Instagram happiness, but the one when no one is around you feel an overwhelming happiness. If you are feeling very blessed and lucky to be with him then you probably have found the one.

I catch myself looking at you and thanking God – Masi

By Alimasi Kajunju


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