Top 3 Nightly Routines You Should Not Overlook

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Top 3 Nightly Routine You Should Not Overlook

Every one of us is driven by the need to live a meaningful life. Sometimes all you need to be more productive and successful is to have a clearly articulated sense of purpose and vision that points you in the right direction. Most times, people focus on morning routines to kick off their workdays but overlook the need for nightly routines. Well, having a nightly routine is more important than you think. Bedtime routines help establish consistency, eliminate sleep, and help you relax, increase productivity and improve your overall health & wellness.

Here are our top 3 nightly routines to make your life better

  1. Hygiene Rituals

You probably had a busy, tiresome day at work and all you can think of right now is your comfortable bed. Well, there are certain hygiene rituals you should think of before getting in between the sheets if you want to enjoy your sleep. Besides washing your face after a long day, develop a habit of brushing your teeth and taking a hot shower or a warm bath before bed. Exfoliation ensures that you don’t sleep with your make up which helps in enhancing your facial skin’s beauty. Generally, this simple yet vital hygiene rituals boost your sleep by making you feel more relaxed. Try this routine every night, and your mornings will always be exciting.

  1. Try this routine every night, and your mornings will always be exciting.

Consider reflecting on your day before retiring to bed on a daily basis. Start by evaluating what really worked out well as anticipated and what didn’t go according to your plans. The beauty of reflections is that they empower you to acknowledge your achievements whether big or small. In addition, it allows you to figure out how to accomplish the goals that didn’t work today. Planning your goals for tomorrow will certainly help you to be more productive. Never go to bed without plotting out tomorrow’s schedule if you want your next day to be more successful in life. Write your tomorrow’s priorities tonight on your journal starting with the most important ones and you will have a more peaceful night.

  1. Spend quality time with loved ones.

Spend quality time with loved ones. When you got married, you were madly in love and had enough time to get connected with your spouse. Unfortunately, things change very fast when faced with busy schedules. Your children no longer see or get their goodnight kisses since you always get home late from work. Well; it’s time to make a change. Vow to spend quality time with your loved ones every night and you’ll love the results. Don’t let your daytime errands to replace your family’s healthy dinner time, passion and intimacy. Connecting to your loved ones including spouse, children, parents or close friends can make you more productive since it fosters trust, better communication, reduces stress and loneliness.


Your nightly routines don’t have to be so complex that accomplishing it becomes impossible. Start with the above 3 nightly routines on a consistent basis and you’ll see how that reflects throughout the day.


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