How to Set Achievable Goals

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Without goals, people struggle to achieve anything.

What happens to a soccer goal without goals? What happens if you jump on a treadmill without any indication as to when you want to get off and finish your work out?

Goals are the ties that hold all successful people together. If you have not set yourself any goals before it can certainly be quite daunting the first time around. In this article we aim to share with you our top three tips on what it takes to not only set a goal, but to smash that goal in no time at all!

Make It Specific

Every goal you set must be right on the money; it must be as specific as possible. If not, things can get lost in translation. Normally, the reason that new year resolutions are failed is because they are not specific enough.

For example, just saying: “I want to lose weight” is far too vague. If you were to lose a pound by June, would you be satisfied with that? In theory, you have lost weight!

So make your goal as specific as possible. If you want to lose weight, how much weight do you want to lose? You want to make more money? How much more money do you want to make? The more precise your goal, the higher a chance you will achieve it.

Set a time limit

Once again, make sure you define targets to when you want to reach your goals; and the key to this is to ensure you do not make them too easy, and do not make them too hard. If we have a deadline for something, we are more likely to achieve it.

Going back to the ‘losing of weight’ goal, if were to turn it to a specific goal we might go ahead and say; ‘I want to lose 12 pounds’. And then as an extension to that, we need to add a time scale. Trying to lose 12 pounds in a week might be a tough ask but losing 12 pounds in a month is a lot more reasonable.

Write it down

One of the biggest tips we can give for any goal is to not only write your goal down, but to display it somewhere prominent too. Write it on a piece of paper, and display it somewhere you will remind yourself daily.

By Alimasi Kajunju

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